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Tiffany Laird
Age Range - 16-25
Hair - Blonde(dyed)
Eyes - Blue
Appearance - White, Caucasian, Scandinavian, European
Nationality - British/American
Accent - English
Height - 5'2
Size - 8
Waist - 30
Chest - 34
Inside Leg - 27
Hat - 21
Shoe - 3.5
Skills: Singer and Dancer - A Cappella, Alto, Ballad, Blues, Cabaret Singing, Choral Singing, Classical Singing, Contact Improvisation, Contemporary Dance, Contemporary Singing, Country Singing, Dance (general), Falsetto, Harmony Singing, Jazz Singing, Mezzo-Soprano, Pop Singing, Singing (general), Soprano, APC Basic Single Sword, APC Basic Unarmed, Air Rifle Shooting, Cycling, Darts, Golf, Pool, Shooting, Shooting (Handgun), Shooting (Shotgun), Stage Combat, Firearm Trained, Swimming, Cooking
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